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The name of Bungalow 191

oude kaartWe named our bungalow 'Jannetje'. Jannetje Smit was our grandmother, who came from Texel. Johanna Smit was born on November 17, 1852 in Den Burg, as the daughter of William Willemsz. Smit and Adriana Simonsd. (Ariaantje) Simonsd. In 1881 she married with the German businessman Gerhard Engelshove and together they moved to the center of Rotterdam, where they started a clothing store. The parents of Jannetje were carpenters, who later became farmers. They owned several farms on the island in the nineteenth century.

The grandfather of Jannetje, Willem Festersz. Smit and her uncle Reindert Willemsz. Smith bought the farm in 1841 to the Nieuwe Aanleg at the Californiëweg 515. Reindert gave the order to demolish the old building in 1853 and let it rebuild completely. This farm was demolished in 1882 after a fire and has never been rebuilt. At this place the bungalow park Vredelust arises in 1967.

On the picture right above the old and the new situation are visible in one picture. The old farm was located at the place where the former Vredelust bungalowpark is located now. The surrounding land and forests belonged to the farm.